Fetch NTU Mail

Forwarding Mail to Gmail Account

Screenshots are available in the word file. Go to Files (bottom of the page) -> and download the word doc)

1. Login your Gmail account. You’ll find `Settings` at the top right of the page just beside the `Help` and `Sign out` options. Click on it.

2. You’re now in the Settings Page. Click on the `Accounts` tab. At the `Get mail from other accounts:` row, click on `Add another mail account`. A popup window appears.

3. Fill in your NTU email address (eg. wt.ude.utn|ZYX20969b#wt.ude.utn|ZYX20969b ) in the column and go on.

4. Fill in your username and password. Pick the correct POP server corresponding to your Student ID (eg. ms96.ntu.edu.tw for all x96xxxxxx student, msa.ntu.edu.tw for alumni). Tick the options you want and make sure the SSL is ticked.
5. You’ll have your NTU mail right in your Gmail account when completed.

BTW: Infos provided by NTU CC, thanks!

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