Wifly Access in Taipei

Free WLAN/WIFLY Access

CSIE Access Point

No authentication required. Works super fast and reliable, but of course only within the CSIE Department.

NTU Access Point (SID: NTU) Authentication

Within the campus (at some locations) we can connect to the internet using NTU Access Points.
Userid: <studentid>@ntu.edu.tw
Password: your NTU CEIBA Password (the one you use to login to NTU CEIBA Mail)

Free WIFLY Access with the student #

Students can use WIFLY for 30 minutes. Works in Starbucks, MRT Stations, Burger King, …


How To Connect


Buy WIFLY Access Cards (NTU Students: 299 NTD/month)

The free 30 min access never worked in 2008 (at least not for me), so another option is to buy WIFLY Access Cards.

1. Go to http://ccnet.ntu.edu.tw/wireless/index.html
2. Click the link: WiflyNet無線寬頻服務申請書(學生專案版)
3. Fill out the form
4. Make a copy of your passport and student number
5. Go to 7/11 and apply for it
6. You will receive your userid and password via Email (or SMS)

Direct Link to the Application Form (PDF)

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