Git Magic

Git Magic (e.g. cloning home directories)


Git Magic

1. Introduction

Work is Play

Version Control

Distributed Control

A Silly Superstition

Merge Conflicts

2. Basic Tricks

Saving State

Add, Delete, Rename

Advanced Undo/Redo

Dowloading Files

The Bleeding Edge

Instant Publishing

What Have I Done?

3. Cloning Around

Sync Computers

Classic Source Control

Forking a Project

Ultimate Backups

Light-Speed Multitask

Guerilla Version Control

4. Branch Wizardry

The Boss Key

Dirty Work

Quick Fixes

Uninterrupted Workflow

Managing Branches

Work How You Want

Personal Experience

5. Git Grandmastery

Source Releases

Changelog Generation

Git Over SSH, HTTP

Commit What Changed

I Stand Corrected

… And Then Some

Local Changes Last

My Commit Is Too Big!

Don't Lose Your HEAD


Building On Git

6. Secrets Revealed




Bare Repositories

Git Shortcomings

Windows Git

Unrelated Files

Volatile Projects

Global Counter

Automatic Compression

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