Printing Pdfs In Unixlab217

How to print PDFs (or any other file) on a computer in the Unix (Workstation) Lab 217?

Print file

b96123@linux14:~> lpr ln1.pdf

Check spool queue

b96123@linux14:~> lpq
Printer: hp@snoopy
 Queue: 1 printable job
 Server: pid 82008 active
 Unspooler: pid 82009 active
 Status: processing '', size 246178, format 'f', IF filter 'hp-filter' at 13:08:20.067
 Rank   Owner/ID               Pr/Class Job Files                 Size Time
active b96123@linux14+437           A   437 ln1.pdf             246178 13:08:19
done   b96120@linux2+332            A   332 XIX.pdf             112667 12:25:44

Remove job from printer spool

b96123@linux12:~/Desktop> lprm -P hp@snoopy 726
Printer hp@snoopy:
  checking perms 'b96123@linux12+726'
  dequeued 'b96123@linux12+726'

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