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Welcome to the NTU CSIE 2007 Wiki - everybody is welcome to join the Wiki.
The wiki is all about sharing knowledge, discussing all kind of CS related topics and also for
storing information which would otherwise be hard to find after a while.

Why we "need" a Wiki when we already have BBS?

  • BBS is great for News, but not so good for collaboration
  • BBS' content is almost 100% in Chinese, Wiki Content can be Chinese and/or English ;)
  • If we want to create for example a TOP 10 Link Page, it will be difficult to find the links in the BBS after a few weeks, but always be at your fingertips within this Wiki
  • Wiki supports Rich Content (Videos, Audio, Attachments, HTML, Calculus Formulas, etc.)
  • Learning the Wiki Syntax might be a first step to learn how to "design web pages" for some of the students.

Who can join?

All students of NTU CSIE 2007 can join by creating their own account. Students from other departments
who attend classes with CSIE students are of course also welcome to participate. The NTU CSIE 2007 Wiki Password is posted @NTU BBS (search in b96902xxx, keyword: honato11)

Please create an account and/or sign in first.

if you already have a account


it is worth it and is free

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