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Yahoo Pipes

Create something cool with Yahoo Pipes.

Wikipedia Quote: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Pipes
Yahoo! Pipes is a Web application from Yahoo! that provides a GUI-based interface
for building applications that aggregate Web feeds and other services,
creating Web-based apps from various sources, and publishing those apps.
The site works by letting users "pipe" information from different sources and
then set up rules for how that content should be modified (e.g. filtering).

Yahoo Pipes allows us to create a mashup. For example we could create a news aggregator
of various pages in NTU which publish news.

Another idea: Aggregate currency exchange rates (USD/TWD, CHF/TWD, etc..) and allow the
users to define certain thresholds. If the threshold is reached an email is sent to
the user (who then can decide to buy or sell currencies).

Introduction to Source Code Version Control Systems (VCS)

Topics: git vs. CVS or subversion (svn)
Why VCS are important?

AJAX or FLEX based Vote application

Democracy rules ;)
Sometimes it would be cool if we could vote for something anonymously.

ManPedia.org - Pimp up the man pages

Man pages are great if you have a lot of time to read pages of pages of text just
to find out (in 80% of the cases) that an example would tell you more within
a fraction of the time. Many man pages doesn't provide enough examples.
Imagine you have to find out how to create a backup of all files with the extension
.txt and you already did that but you just don't exactly remember the syntax
(depends on the UNIX Derivative).

Example of how a topic could look like:

General Introduction:


find . -follow -type f -name "*.txt" | xargs cp "{}" "{}.txt.bkp"
find . -follow -type f -name "*.txt" | xargs -I % cp % %.txt.bkp

{link to original man page, because sometimes an example is just not enough ;)}

We could of course not provide a lot of "converted" pages, but we could build
a seed and maybe others like the idea and contribute.

Chinese/English/Technical Term Phrase Editor

Create a web site which allows a user to post a phrase which then is stored in a database.
All the phrases of a user can be viewed on a summary page. Examples:

I often stumble upon interesting and useful phrases in chinese and would like to collect them
somewhere where I always find them again. Basic operations:

1. Add/Edit/Delete Phrase
2. View Summary Page

3. Public vs. Private Lists

Technology: Python with the django framework

BTW: I already have a list of chinese/english technical terms and we could of course
add this one as a public list and everybody could add/update these phrases.

Digg Clone for NTU

There are various open source digg clones available which we could use to build a
Digg4NTU. Basically it would allow everyone to submit interesting pages to the digg.ntu.edu.tw
Web Site and all students can up- or downvote on the submitted stories. The most interesting
stories will make it to the front page.

Submission via Bookmarklet.

please add your own ideas…

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