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96-2 Semester

Object Oriented Software Design
Resources (eBooks)

Information Systems
授課老師: 林風 教授 wt.ude.utn.eisc|nilp#wt.ude.utn.eisc|nilp |
賴彥丞 wt.ude.utn.eisc|ialcy#wt.ude.utn.eisc|ialcy
傅懷磊 wt.ude.utn.eisc.scp|ufciv#wt.ude.utn.eisc.scp|ufciv
TA hour: Monday 13:30 - 17:00
Very good reference cards (summary) and misc UML eBooks:

Systems Programming
Spring 2008 Class:
Spring 2007 Class ("Old" Lecture Slides):
SP 2008 E-Campus:
Note: Initial login with studentID and password SP2008 (e.g: B96902nnn) - Attention: B must be uppercase, lowercase doesn't work!
SP 2008 Forum:

General Physics
(contributor: 電冰箱)

Calculus II
(contributor: 電冰箱)

Freshman English

Learning in ICT Era (e-learning)

Media Design

96-1 Semester

iSpace CourseWeb (Download Homework Assignments, Submit Homework, Forums, …) / Course
Introduction to Computers (2007 Fall) (Prof. Jane Yung-jen Hsu)

Introduction to Computer 2007 計算機概論 (Prof. Cheng-Fu Chou)

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Contact Information of the Administrators

  • Graduate TA Yin Wang wt.ude.utn.eisc|60044959r#wt.ude.utn.eisc|60044959r
  • TA Chun-Hung Hsiao wt.ude.utn.eisc|oaishhc#wt.ude.utn.eisc|oaishhc
  • Network Administrator TA wt.ude.utn.eisc|122at#wt.ude.utn.eisc|122at

Contact Information of the Computer Science Department Office

  • Hui Yi Xiao Jie wt.ude.utn.eisc|iyiuh#wt.ude.utn.eisc|iyiuh

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CSIE Council (e.g. for ordering books)

Ordering CSIE Books

PCMan (required to access NTU BBS. The BBS URL is
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Old exams (考古題系統)

NTU CSIE C2007 (C Programming)
Other C Programming course:

JudgeGirl Online Submission
C2007 Online Judge System:
TAs' emails: wt.ude.utn.eisc.scitobor|doowta#wt.ude.utn.eisc.scitobor|doowta, wt.ude.utn.eisc.scitobor|oel#wt.ude.utn.eisc.scitobor|oel

NTU Computer Center
NUT CC Help: wt.ude.utn|plehcc#wt.ude.utn|plehcc

Workstation LAB (in NTU CSIE R217) / FreeBSD

Intellab LAB (in NTU CSIE R219) / Windows

SSH Access LAB 217
linux[N] (n= 1 - 14)

or FreeBSD Machine:

FreeBSD Version:
FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #0:


NTU Campus Map

Online Campus Map (Attention: The building numbers differ from the ones on the printed form)

Office of international affairs

CS related classes

General Physics Homepage

Calculus Homepage

Top Downloads

PuTTY (SSH Client)

PuTTY Chinese version

Fu Wu Class

Misc (to be sorted later)

Run Java, Ruby, C#, … in a browser (scratchpad)

Freshman English Course

Global Affairs

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